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Attracting Talent in Life



Hiring and retaining exceptional talent is key to the success of your business. This applies whether you’re talking about senior management, creative thinkers, or junior staff. People are the lifeblood of any organisation, and an exceptional business runs on exceptional people. ? 

Whether you’re looking to hire a strategic genius, the leader who inspires all, or a secretary who’s on the ball and super organised, you don’t want to settle for mediocre. Here are some tips to help you attract top-notch applicants, and then keep them happy.

  1. Write an eye-catching job description. If your job posting is bland and unimaginative, candidates will think that your company is just that – bland and unimaginative. Take care to state important details, but consider using a copywriter to make the description a bit more exciting. Focus on your company culture and why the job is so great, rather than just listing duties, responsibilities and ‘boring’ details. The intricacies can be discussed during the interview stage.
  2. Pay as much as you can afford. Don’t blow your entire hiring budget on a secretary, but try not to fall into the trap of thinking that your small business can’t afford to hire top talent. While they may come at a cost, you’ll end up having to hire fewer people because they work efficiently. It’ll also save you the costs of having to rehire if you settle for less than the best. Investing into clever, hardworking staff is one of the smartest moves you’ll make as a business owner. 
  3.  Create customised rewards strategies. Ask your potential (and current) employees what they want and what matters to them. Some people are entirely money motivated and will want perks like signing bonuses, performance bonuses, and regular salary reviews. Others would prefer to be given an extra day’s leave after working particularly hard on a project. Or maybe a lower-level employee would appreciate the chance to develop their skills through training or mentorship. Parents, for instance, might really be drawn to your company if you can offer them the opportunity to work flexi-hours and be measured on output rather than hours. If you can offer something that differentiates you from other similar companies, then you’ll attract people who really value the additional incentives you’ve offered. 
  4. Consider an employee referral programme. This one is better if you already have a few employees, but if that’s the case, then an employee referral system is a great way to attract some great talent. If a position opens up, send an email to your staff highlighting the requirements and a basic job description. Those who refer qualified candidates who reach interview stage then get entered into a draw for a prize or cash bonus. If your company is small, you could allow recommendations or referrals from suppliers, customers or others connected with the business. 
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